Monday, September 3, 2012

Sustainable Coastlines Room 8 cleans up !

Excerpts from our writing

Guess what? We went to the beach. We weren't going to chillax, we went there to keep the whole entire beach tidy. The reason why we had to clean up the beach was to keep the environment tidy for all the people to enjoy. But not just for the people, we were cleaning up the beach for the animals.
Richard  Ioka

This beach trip showed us how we pollute our beaches. I was in shock to see how much rubbish we pollute at our beach.

These are two reasons why they wanted us to go on this trip
1. We can see in real life how much we pollute our beaches
2. We are the future grown ups and we need to save our beaches.
Annalia Morton

We have been trying to be sustainable. Before we went to the coastline two people from Sustainable Coastlines came and showed us some of what they had found on coastlines, like  dead birds  that had eaten plastic thinking that its real food. They showed us pictures of turtles that are sick.
Kian Arefi

I'm thinking  that maybe you and me one day can go to the beach and help the environment by picking up the rubbish, so the animals can swim without danger or eat the wrong food again.
Jenny Lim

It was helpful to us because, we saw what our rubbish was doing to animals and our coastlines and told us, but not just us, but everybody to put rubbish in the BIN and to be sustainable, so in the future everything will not be rubbish.
Krissy Hill

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