Monday, March 26, 2012

Class Captains

At Howick Primary School in Room 6 at the beginning of the year we thought of having  Class- Captains.  We had Class Captains because when the teacher is out of the room somewhere they help the class act sensibly, when we are stuck on something they can give us advice and they are the best role models.  So we decided to have a vote.  The results were quite close.

This term our Class Captains are Amy and Jade.  The term 2 and 3 we will vote for different students.    In term 4 the Class Captains can be anyone in Room 6 again.

We did a Wordle to show what it takes to be Class captain.

by Kelvin, John and Caleb.

Interschool Swimming

Last week I participated in the Interschool Swimming Sports at Howick Intermediate School.  Here is my recount and a picturetrail slideshow I created.  I hope you enjoy it.

As I nervously stepped onto the edge of the pool, I got a quick glance of all the people sitting on the hill, cheering for their schools.  Uneasily, I got into my diving position.  Shivering, I waited for the whistle.  WHEEET!  As everyone stopped talking, I could feel a dozen eyes fall on me.  I shifted uneasily, waiting for the start.

"On your marks," said the judge.  CLAP!  I jumped into the the freezing, cold pool as if there was a rocket strapped to my back.  As soon as I hit the surface, I powerfully swam my way through the water.  I heard lots of people cheering.  I moved through the icy, cold water like a tornado through land.  I finally got to the end.

I was surprised when I came 3rd.  I had expected myself to come last.  I wheezed and gasped until I got my breath back.  It was shame I didn't get into the finals.  But again, I felt very proud of my achievement.

By Julian.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

raffle ticket system

In room 6 we have a raffle ticket system. What are raffle tickets you ask!

Raffle tickets are rewards for good behavior and being caught doing the right thing. To keep our raffle ticket safe, we made tote bags. We collect raffle tickets so we can be "Teacher for the Day. " At the end of every term there will be two teachers for a whole day.

We love this system because we like the idea of being the teacher.   We hope you like this system as much as we do.

By Kimberley and Silvie


Alex and Adrian have been creating comics of the TV programme Star Wars we have been doing them in our Equipt book. We really enjoy Equipt because you can write whatever you want and thats good for our imagination. Equipt stands for "Everyone Quiet Uninterrupted Pencil Time."  Check out our comics below.

From Alex and Adrian

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival on PhotoPeach
It was a sunny but freezing cold day when we had our Swimming Carnival.  There were two groups called Marlins and Dolphins.  The first group to hop into the chilly pool was...   Dolphins.   The group had first, second, third and fourth places.  If you came in one of those four places, you would get a brightly coloured postit  note that would go towards your class points.

When Marlins went into the pool, they did freestyle and backstroke in one length.   There were huge splashes of kicking. When our class mates were swimming we had to cheer for them.  At the end of the morning we thought who cares if you didn't win,  it's just about having fun and enjoying yourself.

Swimming is our favourite sport because we learn to swim and have fun in the water.  It's really special when you get to have a swimming pool in your school.

by Jade and Olivia


Once a year Howick Primary School organise a school walkathon so we can raise money for our school.  We get people to sponsor us for how far we walk.

So we are safe when we complete the walkathon we brainstormed safety rules for walking around the streets in Howick.

Here are some our safety practises.

Room 6

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Put a Photo in a Blog

Room 6

Hi everyone this is our first post and we wanted it to be a picture of us .....  These are the steps we used to insert our photo.

1.  Click onto insert image
2.  Click upload image
3.  Find photo on your computer
4.  Add the photo to your post
5.  Click onto your photo to change the size and write your caption
6.  Then click PUBLISH!!!!

Ta da don't we look gorgeous

from Kimberley, Alex, Petana, Amy J, Julian