Monday, March 26, 2012

Class Captains

At Howick Primary School in Room 6 at the beginning of the year we thought of having  Class- Captains.  We had Class Captains because when the teacher is out of the room somewhere they help the class act sensibly, when we are stuck on something they can give us advice and they are the best role models.  So we decided to have a vote.  The results were quite close.

This term our Class Captains are Amy and Jade.  The term 2 and 3 we will vote for different students.    In term 4 the Class Captains can be anyone in Room 6 again.

We did a Wordle to show what it takes to be Class captain.

by Kelvin, John and Caleb.

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  1. Hello Room 6! I really enjoyed reading your blog! What a lot of fun you have been having learning so far this year. Your Wordle is fantastic, what a special and important job it is to be a class captain. Congratulations Amy and Jade.

    We would love to be blog buddies with you. We are a school in Karaka that is brand new called Hingaia Peninsula School. Our blog address is...

    Look forward to seeing and sharing more of your learning!

    Kind regards

    Donna Davies (Emma's Aunty)